WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host is committed to in line assure the confidentiality/privacy the obtained personal data through its services. We suggested to him to read the described norm next, to understand the treatment of its personal information when uses our services in the site and its derived sites (subdomains). These norms of confidentiality can have changes in the future, reason why it is recommended to review them periodically.

The company WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host is responsible to successfully obtain its personal data, of the use that occur the same and of its protection. You will be able to contact to him to telephone or to the e-mail This email address is being protected against the Spam robots. She needs to have qualified Javascript to be able to see it..

The personal data that You have provided direct or indirectly or have been successfully obtained by and for WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host, will be dealt with legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility according to the arranged thing in the law.

Its personal information will be used to provide the services and products that it has asked for, to inform to him on changes in the same and to evaluate the quality of the service that we offered him. For the purposes before mentioned, we required to obtain some or all of the following personal data:

Section of Registry: Name, Last name, Company, E-mail, Street and Number, Colony or Division, City, State, Postal Code, Country, Phone number, Federal Registry of Contribuyente (RFC).

Section of Chat: Name, E-mail.

In case of realising purchases in line and it chooses the form of payment with card, will be sent to the website of where information of sensible payment will be asked for to him, in this point You you must be in agreement with the policies of privacy and use of the own site of Paypal, which is totally other people's to WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host.

You must right to accede, to rectify and to cancel his personal data, as well as to be against to the treatment of the same or to revoke the consent that stops such aim she has granted us, through his account of client, acceding with his email address and password in our system of clients. In order to know these procedures, the requirements and terms, it is possible to be put in touch with us to means of contact before mentioned.

Also, we informed to him that their personal data can be transferred and be treated inside and abroad, by people different from this company. In that sense, its information can be shared with organizations of registry of domains, to register, to transfer and to maintain the registry of domain names. If you do not indicate his opposition so that their personal data are transferred, it will be understood that it has granted his consent for it.

The use of the services provided by WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host constitutes and establishes an agreement with this policy of privacy and terms of the service. WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host will form its account after to have received () the payment (s) and to have examined the order (s) to avoid frauds.

You are responsible to specify an email address who does not use the domain name that is asked for to register or to transfer or that is going away to use with the service of Web Hosting in any of its modalities. In case of communicating to us with You, you exist a problem or abuse, the main email address in our archives will be used for this intention. To provide false information of contact of any type can be in the cancellation of its account without option to reimbursement.

Type of personal information that he obtains himself

All that one personal information that the user enters our site voluntarily is subject to the norms of confidentiality and privacy. We compile information of different ways from several areas from our website: the creation of its account of client when contracting a service, sessions of chat, the inscription to the service of notification of promotions through e-mail, the registry to our programs of affiliates, as well as the information that enter during its participation in the contests and surveys in line that we took to end occasionally. For each of these programs, the information that is asked for is different and is stored in separated data bases.

Creation of client account. The information asked for in this section allows to form its account of client and asked for services, the information that will have to provide is: Name, Last name, Company, E-mail, Street and Number, Colony or Division, City, State, Postal Code, Country, Phone number, Federal Registry of Contribuyente (RFC).

Session of Chat. The information asked for in this section allows to offer him to customized attention to its doubts or requests and to give pursuit the same. The information that will be able to be solicitd to him is: name, e-mail, company and telephone, among others.

Service of notification of promotions through e-mail. The information that is provided is name, last name, email address, direction, country, phone number, preferences and habits, among others. The user can modify this information at any time and will be employed to adapt the promotions and warnings sent to the preferences indicated by the same.

Contests and surveys in line. The type of information asked for by these means includes personal data, habits and preferences, opinions about the services provided by WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host. The successfully obtained information will be for exclusive use of WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host and will have as an aim the feedback of the users about the services that loans with the purpose of to improve them.

The security and the confidentiality of the data that the users provide when contracting a service or to buy a product in line will be protected by a safe servant under the Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL), of such form that the sent data will be transmitted encriptados to assure their defense.

In order to verify that one is in protected surroundings make sure that it appears a S after HTTP in the navigation bar and this changes of color green and/or shows a padlock. Example: After the information arrives at WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host, this one is stored in a servant certainly resides back of firewall designed to stop the access from outside of the company. Unfortunately, no transmission by Internet can guarantee its security to the 100%. Therefore, although WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host strives in protecting its personal information, cannot in line assure nor guarantee the security in the transmission of no information related to no of our services, reason why you run his own risk. Once received the data, we will do all the possible one to safeguard his security in our systems. In this subject, the staff of WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host has focused its efforts to offer technology of end and updated in order to offer the greater possible security to him.

How we used his personal information

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host uses the information provided during the process of registry when contracting a service, to initiate a session of chat, inscription to some program and promotions to realise internal studies on the demographic data, I interest and behavior of our users. The most important objective of WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host when gathering personal data is to provide to the user services of greater agreed quality to its needs and I interest.

In the program of notification of promotions through e-mail, only WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host has access to its information. This type of publicity is realised by means of promotional messages of e-mail, which will be only sent to Usted, S.A. moment for registering You you indicated that you wish to receive them, this option will be able to modify it at any time. In the sent e-mails, supplies of third parts can be included occasionally that are our trading partners.

In addition to asking for information during the processes of registry before mentioned, him we will be able to ask for personal information in other occasions as, for example, when participating in a contest or any promotion of our site and when notifying themselves on a problem with our site or services. WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host also in line usually makes surveys between its users, whose answers are used in internal studies.

What are the cookies and how they are used

The cookies are small pieces of information that are sent by the website to their navigator. The cookies are stored in the hard disk of their equipment and they are used to determine his preferences when it is connected to the services of our sites, as well as to track certain behaviors or carried out activities by you within our sites.

In some sections of our site we required that the client has qualified the cookies since some of the functionalities require of these to work. The cookies allow us:

  • To recognize it at the time of entering our sites and offering to him of a customized experience.
  • To know the personal configuration the site specified by You.
  • To calculate the size of our hearing and to measure some parameters of traffic, because each navigator who obtains access to our sites acquires a cookie that is used to determine the frequency of use and the sections of the visited sites, thus reflecting its habits and preferences, information that is to us useful to improve the content, the holders and the promotions for the users. The cookies also help us to track some activities, for example, in some of the surveys that we sent in line, we can use cookies to detect if the user already has filled the survey and to avoid to unfold it again, in case he has done it. The button of “help” that is in the bar of tools of the majority of the navigators, will tell him how to avoid to accept new cookies, how to cause that the navigator notifies to him when receives a new cookie or how to deshabilitar all the cookies. Nevertheless, the cookies will allow him to take advantage from the characteristics more beneficial than we offer to him, reason why we recommended to him that it leaves them activated.

Confidentiality of the information

When one is in the site of WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host and enters personal data, you will share the information only with WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host, unless the opposite specifies itself.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host will not share the confidential information with third parts, unless it has it express authorization of those who subscribed, or when it has been required by warrant to fulfill the procedural dispositions of the laws.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host does not sell nor rents the information of the users. If the personal data of the user had to be shared with trading partners or sponsors, the user will be notified before these are gathered or transferred. If the user does not wish that their data are shared, it can decide not to use a certain service or not participate in some promotions or contests.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host can spread the statistics altogether of the users to describe our services and for other allowed intentions in the cases that the law marks.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host can spread the information of the account in special cases when we think that to provide this information it can serve to identify, to locate or to conduct legal battles against people who could infringe the terms of the service of the sites of WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host, or to cause to damages or interference on the rights of WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host or its properties, of other users of the site of WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host or any other person that could be harmed by these activities. WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host can spread or obtain access to the information of the account of the client when, acting of good faith, we created that it is necessary for legal reasons, administrative or of another nature and we consider it necessary to maintain, to provide and to develop to our products and services.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host does not assume any obligation to maintain confidential any other information that the user provides, including that one information who the user in line provides through bulletins and talks (chat session), as well as the information that it obtains through the cookies, the previous thing in terms of the established thing in article 109 of the Federal Law of the Rights of Author and fraction I, of article 76 twice of the Federal Law of Protection to the Consumer.

Modification/update of the information

The personal data provided by the user will comprise of a file that will contain its profile. The user can modify his profile at any time using his data from access to the area of clients.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host advises to the user who updates his data whenever these undergo some modification, since this will allow to offer a better service him.

If you participate in the service of promotions via e-mail will be able at any time to deactivate the service.

Protection of the personal information

The information facilitated by the client is protected in our data bases, the client can accede to her by means of its data of access, of which only it has knowledge.

We recommended to him that it does not reveal its password to anybody. WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host will not ask for its password in any telephone call or message of e-mail. At any moment, the user is the unique and final person in charge to privily maintain his data of access, with which he enters to the services and contents of our site. In order to diminish the risks WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host it recommends the user to leave his account and to close the window of his navigator still more when its activity finalizes, if it shares his computer with somebody or it uses a computer in a public place as a library or a coffee Internet.

Once received the data, we will do all the possible one to safeguard his security in our systems. In this subject, the staff of WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host has focused its efforts to offer technology of end and updated in order to offer the greater possible security to him.

Acceptance of the terms

This declaration of Confidentiality/Privacy is subject to the terms and conditions of WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host, which constitutes a legal agreement between the user and WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host.

If the user uses the services of WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host in anyone of his sites, he means that he has read, understood and decided the terms before set out. If he is not in agreement with them, the user will not have to provide any personal information, nor to use the services of the sites of WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host.

Changes in the Warning of Privacy

We reserved the right at any time to carry out modifications or updates to the present warning of privacy, for the attention of legislative or legal new features, political interns, new requirements for the benefit or offer of our services or products and practices of the market. These modifications will be available to the public through the following means: in our page of Internet, section privacy or we will be made them arrive at the last e-mail that it has provided to us.

Minimum principles of our policy of privacy/confidentiality

Next, WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host will briefly set out the principles to him that in line govern their policies of privacy and confidentiality for the information provided by the users of their electronic services:

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host would only successfully obtain the information of the client who is necessary to offer him to the customized services that are available in their sites in Internet, which will only be used for the aims that are asked for.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host strives particularly to assure the quality the information that is successfully obtained in line on our users of services, when has been obtained through some supplier of information or services.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host focuses its efforts to offer technology of end and updated in order to offer to its usuary clients/the greater possible security in the handling and transference of the information that is required in the diverse processes of requirement of data.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host avoids the information spreading about the usuary client/, doing it only with respect to those data that specifically are authorized for it.

At any moment, WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host is kind to the restlessness that our usuary clients/with respect to the handling of the information indicate which they provide in line for the diverse processes.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host takes care of which these principles of privacy/confidentiality extend to the set of trade relations to the interior of the group.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host shares the responsibility of the care of the information with its employees, doing them co-participant of the lineaments exposed in documents of “Warning of privacy/confidentiality”.

WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host reserves the right at any time to review, to update and to modify these Policies and Warning of Privacy without previous warning. These modifications will be available at any time in our Last webpage modification 01/01/2016