THIS AGREEMENT OF SERVICES is celebrated and executed as of the day in which You accept it when contracting and/or to use anyone of the services published in the website


WebsiteDevelopmentCenter Host (in the future, “the Company”) and You (in the future, “the Client”). In case You are representing in the present Agreement of Services a company or another legal organization, you declare that you have the authority to force to this organization to the present agreements, terms and conditions; in which case the term “the Client” will talk about to this organization.

(The Company and the Client can collectively be referred individually as a “Part” and as the “Parts”).

WHEREAS CLAUSE that the Company is proprietor, distributes, offers and provides diverse products and services through its website, which include: Registry, Transference and Renovations of Domains, Web Shared Hosting, Web Dedicated Hosting (Cloud), Virtual Servers Deprived (VPS), Dedicated Servers, Certificates SSL, Design of Websites, Administration of Websites and all the services that the Company offers (in the future will denominate to him altogether as “Services”);

AND WHEREAS CLAUSE that the Client wishes to acquire some or all the Services of the Company.

Therefore, to favor and considering the mutual agreements, benefits and conditions established in this document, the Company and the Client, with the intention to be legally in agreement, hereby, they agree upon the following thing:


1,1 Día Hábil, talks about to a day of work enters Monday through Friday, except the holidays.

1,2 Communications, talk about to all oral communication, written, correspondence, etc. between the company and the holder of () the service (s) or any other organization that acts in its name.

1,3 Registrante/Client, talks about the holder of the services and who as so, is registered in our data base.

1,4 Platform, talks about to the set of servers, software, interfaces, websites, etc. that are provided indirectly for the direct use or of the client.

1.5 Base of data, is the data set stored in the servers of our platform.

1,6 Servers, talk about to the machines that the company or its suppliers of services, maintains to fulfill the services and operations of the platform.

1,7 User of the platform, talks about to the client or any agent, employee, contact of the client or any other legal person, to whom the access to the “platform” has been facilitated.

1,8 Registrador/La company, talks about to the supplier of services, which is in particular in a search WHOIS for a domain.

1,9 Services of the company, talk about to all the products and services that the company has provided/rendered/sold or are lent/provide/sell by means of the platform.

1,10 Website of the company, talks about to the website of the company.

1,11 Suppliers of services, any legal person, corporation, company, signature, institute, institution, organization, person, society or any other legal organization talk about that the client and/or the company can, directly or indirectly, to use for the fulfillment of the provision of any service, as well as for the general operations of the company.

1,12 WHOIS, talks about to the public service lent by the Recorder and the Operator of Registry by means of which any person can obtain certain data associated to the domain through a “search WHOIS”.

1,13 Registry of WHOIS, talks about to the collection of all the data of a domain, concretely to its information of administrative and technical contact, servers of name, their date of creation and lapsing, and its present state in the recorder among others.


2.1 the present contract regulates the general relations between the company and the client.

2.1.1 the client is considered the holder of the contracted services. This he has entered his data of client at the time of registering itself in our platform and later he has the option indefinitely to update them, directly from his profile of user. The data entered the WHOIS of a domain, ARE NOT CONSIDERED as titling, client and/or registrante. It is not considered either as titling, client and/or registratante to the person or organization who realises the payment and to whom the corresponding invoice extends to him.

2.1.2 the client explicitly stays indicated as legal owner for all the effects of the services contracted.

2.1.3 In the case of wanting to transfer the contract consequently and the services contracted another client, the request is due to send from the email address of the holder registered in our data base, authorizing to the company the crossing of the services and this contract.

2.1.4 In the case that the account of mail entered by the client no longer exists, this it will have to ask for the change of this account by means of letter of request of this proceeding. It will have to enclose in addition an image to his identity card or document of official identification. In the cases that: (1) the email entered by the client no longer exists, (2) the email entered by the client exists but at present another person administers it.

2.2 When contracting/to use some or all the services of the company, the client declares to have read completely all the clauses, she has had the opportunity to change to any clause common agreement with the company before accepting the contract, and accepts to be according to the indicated thing in each of them. In order to activate the contracted service the acceptance of this contract in common agreement will be required on the part of the client.

2.3 the client, also denominated in the present contract as titling and/or registrante, commits himself to transfer the present contract to all the users of the services that are being contracted.

2.4 the client declares that he, as well as the users of the contracted services are adults in agreement with the laws of the Mexican United States. The company reserves the right to cancel the service to those clients who do not meet this condition, or who will have given any type of deception at the time of acceding to the services of the company.

2.5 To the company, some in case of happening anyone will not be able to be attributed to him to responsibility, but not limited the following facts or events:

2.5.1 Natural disasters whom they prevent to give an optimal and complete service.

2.5.2 Fires generated in the dependencies of the company, by causes nonimputable to this one.

2.5.3 Cortes of international or national connections provided by companies suppliers of Internet.

2.5.4 Uso on the part of third parties of the access accounts.

2.5.5 Attacks of Hackers to the systems.

2.5.6 Demora in the propagation of the DNS of the company previous to our company, if so; and

2.5.7 Any fact or accident derived from act of God or greater force. It is responsibility of the clients to always have by security an up-to-date endorsement of all the information who maintain in our servers.

2.6 It is main preoccupation of our velar company by the well-being and security of his systems, being able to realise in them the updates that it considers necessary for this effect.

2.7 It is of total responsibility of the client to maintain his effective data of contact in our systems.

2.8 the company is committed in permanent and cannot be waived form to keep and to respect the character of confidentiality of the documentation, listings, archives, systems, information and data reserved received in written, oral form or in any other means from the client and/or the users of the corresponding services. To see policy of privacy in

2.9 In case the client puts advance term to the present contract, the company will not realise returns of money by concept of the price phelp by the client. Except in those cases in that the client makes use of his period of guarantee of 30 days to stop of the hiring of the services applicable to this guarantee. In such case, to the totality or proportional part of the phelp money will be given back, in case the service included the registry or transference of a domain.

2.10 the company in its criterion, can at any time stop selling any product.

2.11 the company must right to rectify any error in the data in the data base with retroactive effect.

2.12 the company and the client show and guarantee that:

2.12.1 Tienen all the power and the authority necessary to execute, to give and perform one's duty by virtue of the present agreement.

2.12.2 This agreement validly has been given and received, and constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation, as much for the company as for the client.

2.12.3 the execution, the fulfillment and the acceptance of this agreement have been properly authorized by the client and the company.

2.13 the client declares and guarantees that:

2.13.1 he has read and understood all the clauses of the present agreement.

2.13.2 he has evaluated independently the convenience of the service and one is not based on any agreement of representation, guarantee or declaration that are not the one that settles down in this agreement.

2.13.3 the client is apt to celebrate the present contract according to the laws of the Mexican United States.

2.14 This agreement will be effective while the client and the term of hiring of the services continue existing.

2.15 the client recognizes that it is his responsibility to maintain registries and reminders with respect to the expiration of his services, nevertheless, the company will send reminders of renovation of the services contracted the client. This will become through messages of e-mail sent the associated e-mail to the account of client in the data base. In case of not renewing el/los services, these will expire.

2.16 it is not responsibility of the company if the warnings of renovation/victory, collection or others are not received because the client has not updated his data of contact in his profile, to which she can at any time accede in line with his email and key. Its supplier of email is not either of responsibility of the company that sends messages of warning of the company to the Spam tray, or it filters them of another form, his program of mail.

2.17 the company does not become position of losses or damages related to the client or their company in the following cases:

2.17.1 Losses or damages AS A RESULT OF the nonAUTHORIZED USE OR BAD USE OF authentication INFORMATION.


2.17.3 Loss or damages derived from the errors, omissions or inaccuracies in ANY INFORMATION provides on the part of the client to the company.

2.17.4 Loss or damages AS A RESULT OF the INTERRUPTION OF the SERVICE.

2.18 No of parts will be responsible before the other by any loss or damage resulting of any cause outside his control (a “Evento de Fuerza Mayor”), including, but not limited, insurrection or disturbances civil, war either military operations, emergency local, fulfillment of any obligation legal or decree, idles, lockout, interruption of work, conflicts labor of any type (either or not that they involve to employees of anyone of the parts), fire, ray, explosion, flood, earthquake, storm or another similar situation outside the reasonable parameters of control.

2.19 the holder of the service will be immediately responsible for the damages caused by the breach of anyone of the terms and conditions of this agreement, or are these caused directly by the client or users of the services contracted by him.

2.20 In case of breach in the present agreement, the company can immediately, without notification some and giving to reason some, suspending or to interrupt the access to the contracted services.

2.21 In case of breach in the present agreement, the company can immediately, without notification some and giving to reason some, to erase/to suspend/to finish/freezing the hiring of new services as well as the services already contracted.


The present contract covers the conditions of access to our technological platform, as much panel of client as the website in himself. Any violation to these terms will constitute a breach of contract, and the reasons for the immediate completion in this agreement

3.1 Acceso to the platform

3.1.1 the company will be able to temporarily suspend the access to any user of the platform in case of significant degradation of this one.

3.1.2 the company will be able, in its whole discretion and criterion, to realise modifications/updates to the platform without previous warning to the users.

3.1.3 the access to the platform is realised by means of the information of authentication provided by the company. The company is not responsible for any action that, in the platform takes to end, using this information of authentication.

3.1.4 the company is not responsible for any action in the platform on the part of the users of this.

3.1.5 the users of the platform declare that they will not try to hack into, to crackear, to obtain nonauthorized access, to give use badly or to participate in any practice that can interfere with the operations of and which they can damage the data, software, operating system, applications, hardware components, network connectivity or any other hardware/software that constitutes the platform, as well as all the architecture necessary to continue the operation of the same.

3.1.6 the users of the platform do not declare that they will not send or will bring about requests of unreasonable and repeated network towards the platform, nor will either settle down unreasonable and/or repeated connections from the platform. The company to its whole discretion and criterion will be able to decide what it constitutes as a reasonable number of requests or connections.

3.1.7 the users of the platform will have to adopt the measures and precautions necessary to maintain the authentication information privily.

3.1.8 the users of the platform will take the precautions necessary to protect the evil use of the data of this one, such as, nonauthorized access or spreading, alteration or destruction of these.

3.1.9 the company will not be responsible for any damage because of the time of inactivity or interruption of the platform, whatever duration and the cause that of this.

3.1.10 the company will have the right to permanently suspend to weather or the access to any user if to its whole discretion and criterion the company suspects bad use the access with respect to a user.

3,2 Conditions of use of the platform

3.2.1 the client, their employees, representatives and users generally of the platform, will not have to use or to allow the use of this one, for any illegal intention referring to the effective laws of the Mexican United States. Use will not be made either of the platform to promote offensive” nor either advertising material “, as well as the platform will not be used either to realise the following practices: Spam Usenet (Publicity in groups of the noncommercial news, etc.) the shipment of not asked for massive e-mails (that is to say, to more than 10 people, generally known as Spam) or to participate in Spam of any supplier. the publicity, the transmission or to make available any software, programs, product or service that is designed to violate these terms, including in addition facilitation to average for the Spam, the beginning of ping, floods, mailbombing, denial-of-service attacks, and the piracy of software. To be made pass through another user or organization. To falsify the identity of another user with fraudulent aims. To use the services of the platform to realise the shipment of any material that, in the exclusive opinion of the company, is associated with the mail trash, massive e-mail, e-mail harvests, warez (or connections to this type of material), violations to the author rights, or that to exclusive criterion of the company, could be threatening, obscene or inadequate. To indirectly use the direct platform or for anyone of the following activities:,1 the transmission of not asked for commercial messages of e-mail (UCE),2 the transmission of massive e-mail.,3 Is in black list, or, in our opinion exclusive is on the verge of being including in any black list of Spam or DNS Blacklist.,4 the article publication of Usenet/groups of the news in bulk.,5 Denial-of-service attacks of any type.,6 Infractions to the rights of author or commercial brands. the,7 illicit or illegal activities of any type.,8 When promoting the abuse of use of the platform.

3.2.2 the company to its whole discretion and criterion, will be who determines what violation of the appropriate use is constituted as, including all the previous ones.

3.2.3 the data of Base de Datos of the platform cannot be used for any intention that is not the enumerated ones next, except for if an authorization has been collected in writing from the company: to contract/to use services contemplated in this agreement. to communicate with the company in any question referring to the company or its services.

3.2.4 the data of Base de Datos of the platform, cannot be used for any intention of which they are enumerated next: Intentions of shipment of massive mail or Spam. the sale of the data.


4.1 the company will accept the payment of the order of purchase of the client.

4.2 the client recognizes that the company reserves the right to modify the prices without previous warning.

4.3 In case a payment realised through the instrument or credit card of payment used by the client is rejected due to the lack of bottoms or any other reason, the company will be able:

4.3.1 Suspender immediately the access to the platform and/or the services at issue with respect to this payment.

4.3.2 Terminar this agreement with immediate effect and without previous warning.

4.4 the company can eliminate, suspend, deny, cancel, modify, take possession from, or transfer any request of services that is being transacted.

4.5 the company, can apply reasonable additional positions by the procedure of reimbursement of a payment, in addition to applying the costs and I interest derivatives of the same proceeding.

4.6 It is of total responsibility and obligatory nature of the clients, to notify the payment of his orders of purchase when the payment process is via electronic transference, bank deposit, OXXO or 7Eleven. It is to have in addition to the client, to enclose the proof of the associate payment.

4.7 only the half valid one to notify the payment of a purchase order, and that will be due to use for such intentions, is through a ticket to the department of Payments, in its panel/client area.

4.8 the lost company separates of all responsibility in possible of domains or to incur fines by delayed renovation, as well as the elimination of accounts of Web hosting and all their content, including emails and website, as a result of not activating/to renew some service, because not existing on the part of the client, a notification of payment of the respective order of purchase or having notified the payment once () the service (s) (n) has already expired, independent of the fact that the payment has been realised in time.

4.9 In case the company must make some reimbursement of money, a bank account will be asked for and it will be realised by means of electronic transference to the data given by the applicant, independent of the form in which the payment to the company by the reimbursed services has been realised.


5.1 the client recognizes that the service of Web hosting offered by the company, it is a service of hosting shared, and that therefore, the company has the right to its whole discretion of, at any time and without previous warning, to apply and to establish limits in any technical, specific aspect and/or resources in the plan of hosting contracted, with the purpose of assuring integrity and stability the services or to avoid any civil or penal responsibility, or by any other reason that the company considers appropriate.

5.2 the client or represented, used his, directors, civil servers, agents, affiliates, and really, all the users of the plan of Web hosting contracted, either directly or indirectly, will not be able to use nor to allow the use of the service in violation in this agreement nor for anyone of the described activities next:

5.2.1 to store any unacceptable or unsuitable material according to the determined thing by the company to its single discretion, including, but not limiting, Topsites Scripts, Bots IRC, Scripts Proxy, Anonimizadores, hacked into Software, Warez, Image Hosting Scripts (similar to Photobucket or Tinypic), AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites, Escáneres IP, Programs of brute force, Applications mail Bombers, Scripts Spam, Banner-Ad services (to banner commercial rotation), turned over of archives, Scripts mirror (similar to rapidshare), Audio Commercial Streaming, sale of any substance controlled without previous test of the corresponding permission, Prioritize Banks programs, Sites of the Lottery, Sites of hatred, Racist Sites, Sites of harassment oriented, Sites promotion of illegal activities, Forums and/or websites that distribute or connect warez, pirate content or fraudulent sites.

5.2.2 Utilizar more of a 25% of the resources of the system, including but not limited the memory, CPU, disc, network, and the capacity of bandwidth, by more than 90 seconds in a period of 6 hours consecutive.

5.2.3 Ejecutar any type of spiders Web or indexers.

5.2.4 Ejecutar any software that interacts with an IRC network (Internet Relay Chat).

5.2.5 Ejecutar or to store any client P2P.

5.2.6 Participar in networks P2P or in interchange of archives.

5.2.7 Utilice the service of e-mail to send or to receive e-mails nonasked for.

5.2.8 Utilice the service of e-mail to send or to receive e-mails through scripts automated lodged in its website. For the shipment of promotional e-mails, campaigns of e-mail, etc., are recommended to use the mail lists instead of to use their account of e-mail. After the detection of this type of mails that goes through system of regular mail, such messages will obtain classified as Spam, although the adressee could have chosen to receive this type of post office. This would take to an immediate suspension of the capacities of shipment of mail for the user or the name of domain. The frequent violation could take to the permanent suspension of the domain name and/or counts of hosting.

5.2.9 the shipment of messages to invalid email addresses. After the reception of too many messages by ricochet, due to the shipment to nonvalid email addresses, the user and the shipment of such messages it will be blocked. The frequent violation could take to the permanent suspension of the domain name and/or counts of hosting.

5.2.10 the shipment of mails of an email address who is not valid and that it is translated in triple bounces would give rise to the suspension of the user in the shipment of such messages. The frequent violation could take to the permanent suspension of the domain name and/or counts of hosting.

5.2.11 Enviar messages of e-mail with malicious content.

5.2.12 Ejecutar cron jobs with intervals of less than 15 minutes.

5.2.13 As a backup copy device/storage.

5.2.14 Ejecutar any servant of games.

5.2.15 Almacene more than 100,000 archives/inodes.

5.2.16 Constantly to create and to eliminate a great amount of archives regularly, or to cause damages in the file system.

5.2.17 Ejecutar consultations/operations in the MySQL service of more than 15 seconds.

5.2.18 Almacenar a great number of archives multimedia (audio, video, etc.), in which the limit is to discretion of the company.

5.2.19 Enviar more than 100 messages per hour by user and/or 300 messages per hour for a same name of domain. To receive a high volume of e-mails, by a name of user or domain, in any period of determined time, where the high volume is to consideration of the company.

5.2.20 Comprar/to use a direction IP dedicated without needing installing a certificate SSL.

5.2.21 Almacenar more than two backup copy archives of the website.

5.2.22 Utilizar more of 5GB by data base.

5.3 With respect to the endorsements, the client recognizes that:

5.3.1 Generally, although not in all the cases, the company backwards keeps backup copies (endorsements) from seven days as of the present date.

5.3.2 As suppliers of Web hosting, we only kept endorsements for the recovery from these in cases of lost disasters or of data caused by infrastructure problems, but it does not stop to put them at the disposal of our clients.

5.3.3 If there is lost a file and it needs to recover it, lamentably we are not going to be able to help him.

5.3.4 the backup copies available in the servant are replaced after every 24 hours and new backup copies replace to the previous ones.

5.3.5 Since the company provides the necessary tools (cPanel) so that the client realises his own endorsements, the company separates of this responsibility.

5.4 the term to renew a plan of Web hosting that already has arrived at its date of expiration is of 5 days. Subsequent to that period, the company assumes that the service will not be renewed and the data will be eliminated of the servant permanently.

5.5 In case hosting stops to use the service of Web, it can ask for the return of his money until day 25, to tell after the day in that the service was contracted. Once given back the money, the archives and emails in the plan will be eliminated and it will not be possible to recover them.


6,1 General

6.1.1 This agreement of registry of domains (in the future, the “Agreement”) between you and the company, establishes the associated terms and conditions of the service of registry of names of domains and other services, as it is described in the present document.

6.1.2 This Agreement explains our obligations with you, and their obligations towards us in relation to each name of domain that has been registered/reserved or transferred through the company, directly or indirectly.

6.1.3 This Agreement will enter in force since you generate a purchase order and will remain in force until the order stays as an active order with the company. The company can choose to accept or to reject its request to register for whatever reason to its exclusive discretion.


6.2.1 the registrante is committed to permanently provide and to maintain the up-to-date information, completes and needed registry WHOIS, in addition to all the data of the domain and to update them, including: complete name, mailing dress, email address, phone number and number of fax if he is available, name of the contact person. The registrante accepts that the provision of inexact or little trustworthy information, and/or not to update the information provided to the Recorder, or its lack of answer for more than seven (7) days to consultations realised by the recorder with respect to the email address of the applicant or of any other data that appears in the data base on the exactitude of the information of contact associated to the domain, it will be constituted as a breach in this agreement and a base for the freezing, the suspension or elimination of the domain.

6.2.2 the registrante is in agreement with the shipment of automatic e-mails to facilitate the process of verification on the part of the Recorder as it sends the PROGRAM OF PRECISION WHOIS of the ICANN. The registry applicants must verify the e-mail of the administrative contact, within the fifteen (15) days of received the notification by the Supplier of Services of Registry, doing click in the verification connection. This process of verification will be applicable to all the new registries or transferences of a name of domain and/or after modifying the e-mail of identification of a contact of existing registry of the domain. If the verification within fifteen (15) days is not completed, it will suppose the immediate suspension of respective services.

6.2.3 the registrante recognizes that in case of any controversy and/or discrepancy as far as the data of the domain in Base de Datos, the data in the registries of our data base will prevail.

6.2.4 the registrante will have to fulfill all the terms and conditions, norms, policies, procedures and practices established by the ICANN (, as well as with the company.

6.2.5 In case the registrante stops of the service, it has a term of 3 days correlative to eliminate the domain. Spent the 3 days, the domain cannot be eliminated.


6.3.1 the company can change any information of the domain, or transfer the domain to another registrante, or transfer the domain to another client, receiving any authorization of the holder, or the client.

6.3.2 the company can give/to send any information, on the registrante, and the domain including the authentication information: To the registry applicant. To any authorized representative or employee of the Holder, as long as the holder authorizes it. To any person who realises a search WHOIS of the domain.

6.3.3 the company to its whole discretion, reserves the right specifically to deny any domain or to cancel an order within the 30 days of the procedure of the same. In such case, the recorder can reimburse the expenses accrued by the domain, after deducing the prices of procedure of the same.

6.3.4 the company can choose by redirigir a domain to any direction IP, when the domain has expired, has been suspended or it does not contain servers of names valid to direct it to any destiny.


6.4.1 the registrante accepts that, if the use of the domain is demanded by a third party, the holder will be subject to the dispositions of the “policies of appropriate disputes” for that domain, effective at the time of the dispute. The registrante accepts that in case arises a dispute with third parties, the holder will have to maintain to the company to the margin in all the circumstances and will have to release it of all responsibility whatever decision and final result of this dispute. If a complaint has been made in a judicial or administrative organ related to the use of the applicant of the domain, the holder commits himself not to realise no change in the domain without the previous approval of the company.

6.4.2 the process of resolution of disputes of domains (“UDRP”), identified in ICANN the website, has been adopted by all the cash registers credited by ICANN to solve procedures of disputes.


6.5.1 the company can even allow the renovation of the domain after the term of renovation has expired, such term of renovation will begin in the date of expiration of the domain, unless the opposite specifies itself. Such process can be received separately to the effective price then.

6.5.2 the company does not offer any guarantee on the number of days that will happen during the elimination of a domain, after which the domain will return public on sale.

6.5.3 the term for the renovation of the domains, is of 35 days counted from the day in which this one expired, subsequent to that one the domain is erased and can be recovered by the holder to day 60 since this one expired, but will only have to pay the associated fine compulsorily to the recovery of the domain, which is acquired by ICANN.


6.6.1 the company will be able to transfer a domain under the following circumstances: the authorization of the client in written form and expresses to the company. Reception of orders of a competent court or the agency of application of the Law. For the fulfillment of a decision in a resolution of domain disputes Breach of the contract on the part of the holder. the completion in this agreement.

6.6.2 the holder recognizes that the company cannot verify the authenticity of any information, authorization or instructions received on the part of the holder. When receiving a transference authorization that the company considers to be genuine, the company will be able to transfer the domain. The company cannot be considered responsible for any transference due to a fraudulent or falsified authorization, or by impersonation of identity or use of illegal personal data on the part of a third party.

6.6.3 In the previous circumstances the company will extend its total cooperation to the holder in the transference of its domain to allow a transference without impediments.

6.6.4 the Registrante recognizes and accepts that during the first 60 days of the inscription of the domain, or after the expiration of this, it will not be able to transfer the domain to another company.

6.6.5 the company will be able to deny or to prevent a transference of a domain in the following situations: a dispute on the identity of the holder of the domain name. Has pending debts with the company. Any process of Resolution of Disputes of pending Domain. If the order has been blocked or suspended by the client or the company. Any other circumstance described in this Agreement For any other appropriate reason.

6.6.6 the company will be able, to its whole discretion to block or to suspend a domain to avoid the transference.

6.6.7 code EPP/AUTHCODE will be sent to the email of the holder regisrado in our data base of clients, not to emails entered in section “WHOIS” of the domain.

Last update 25 of October of 2016.